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Haunted Hotels In Downtown San Antonio Tx

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What is the story behind the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio? Before the building was built the grounds of what is now the hotel was where the Mexican Forces battled the Texans in the Long Barracks of the Alamo in 1836. Over 600 men lost their lives very close to the hotel. When originally built the location was the Medical Arts Building.

Can you stay in room 237 at the Stanley Hotel?

Unfortunately for them, Room 237 doesn’t exist at their property, and the Stanley says 217 has become its most requested accommodation, with reservations currently on the books for the next several Halloweens. We sought out the room, but it was disappointingly normal, at least from the outside. The only difference I noticed is that it has a number plate that doesn’t match the ones for the other rooms.

(We’re told that’s because so many people have stolen it over the years that the wall behind it is permanently damaged. If you’re tempted to steal it, don’t. Grab a replica at the gift shop instead.) Staying in the room is now a bucket list item for me; should it happen, I’ll report back on what, if anything, I experience inside.

Why is the Stanley Hotel famous?

Did You Know? The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. The Stanley Hotel was opened by the inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley. A gas explosion once destroyed a large section of the hotel. A hedge maze and remodeled bar were added in honor of The Shining. Is it Haunted?

The Stanley Hotel has had its fair share of unusual activity over its long history, and employees, guests, and historians alike agree that, believer or not, it is difficult to ignore the reputation it has built as one of the most haunted hotels in Colorado—perhaps even the entire country.

In fact, the Stanley has been sought out by every major ghost hunting show on television, as well as a growing list of documentarians, podcasters, and amateur ghost hunters, many of whom have discovered not one, but many paranormal hot spots spread across the hotel and its grounds.

Is the hotel in The Shining Haunted?

Haunted reputation[ edit ] Despite a peaceful early history, in the years following the publication of The Shining, the Stanley Hotel gained a reputation as a setting for paranormal activity, [25] [26] [27] and has been frequently named as one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. It has hosted numerous paranormal investigators and appeared in shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures . [28] [29] [30]

What is the Emily Morgan Hotel known for? The Emily Morgan Hotel: America’s Most Haunted Hotel. Welcome to The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, where history, mystery, and the supernatural converge. Nestled in the heart of downtown San Antonio, this iconic hotel has earned its reputation as the most haunted hotel in America. What did the Emily Morgan Hotel used to be? From 1924 to 1976, The Emily Morgan Hotel was used as a Medical Arts Building. The building housed doctors’ offices and a hospital for patients. In 1976 the building was converted into modern office space, but was transformed into a hotel less than 10 years later.

Why is it called the Emily Morgan Hotel?

Less than ten years later, in 1984, it became the Emily Morgan Hotel. The Emily Morgan Hotel What’s In a Name? When the Emily Morgan Hotel opened in 1984, it claimed the name of one of San Antonio’s most remembered icons: the infamous Emily Morgan. Born Emily D. West (c. 1815-1891), Emily was a free woman of color who hailed originally from New Haven, Connecticut.

As a woman of mixed race during the early nineteenth century, it was custom to serve as an indentured servant for a period of one year to a few years. Emily West was no different and in 1835, when Emily was twenty-years-old, she found herself contracted to James Morgan. She took his surname, as was also custom, and was due to complete her time owed in Morgan’s Point, Texas, as a housekeeper at the New Washington Association’s Hotel.

Why was there a woman in Room 237?

The Shining Theory: The Woman In Room 237 Represents Abuse Another theory on what happened in room 237 connects the woman to the darkest interpretation of the story of Jack and Danny (via Movies Up Close ). Throughout The Shining, it’s mentioned that Jack was physically abusive to his family, and he once broke Danny’s arm.

This, along with details in Danny’s clothes, his toys, the way he interacts with Jack, and the disturbing scene of a hotel guest being fellated by a man dressed as a bear have made way for the theory about The Shining being about Jack sexually abusing his son.

Why was Room 237 so important?

He proposed that Kubrick change the room number to 237, 247, or 257 because none of those numbers were actual rooms at the Timberline Lodge. In the end, Kubrick settled on 237 because it reflected a piece of history from one of his previous films. 237 is, in fact, the number that needs to be entered into the computer in Dr. Strangelove in order to begin a nuclear holocaust.

So necessity, in this instance, became an artistic expression, something that Kubrick himself was likely delighted with. VIDEO

What happened in room 217 The Shining?

A former guest at the Overlook Hotel. Mrs. Massey checked into the hotel with her lover—a young man of about 17—sometime in the early 1970s, and her ghost is in the Colorado Lounge drinking Singapore slings the night goes insane in 1975. One night, while Mrs. Massey was drunk, her lover left in Mrs. Massey’s Porsche and never came back. offered to call the police, but Mrs. Massey refused and proceeded to drink all day in the Colorado Lounge.

She swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills in the bathtub of room 217 that same night, killing herself. Several characters in The Shining have experiences with the ghost of Mrs. Massey in room 217, including , , , and Jack. Mrs

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