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Best Temecula Hotels

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What is Temecula best known for? Temecula is well known for its championship golf courses, a climate perfect for serene and beautiful hot-air ballooning adventures, and award-winning wineries nestled in 3,000 acres of picturesque wine country, but that’s just the beginning.

Is it worth going to Temecula?

Nestled among the vineyards and rolling hills of Southern California, Temecula is a dream to explore. The city is known for its romantic wedding venues and top-tier restaurants, but it’s the city’s vibrant culture and relaxed lifestyle that make it an enviable destination for international travellers too. The city is in the Temecula Valley, which offers fun activities, such as hot air balloon tours and vineyard horseback tours.

Featuring the largest country music venue on the West Coast and one of the largest casinos in the United States, Temecula is much more than a wine region, making it more than worthy of being a serious contender for your next California holiday destination. Here are the best things to do in Temecula.

How many days do you need in Temecula? Three to five days is ideal to relax and explore everything there is to do and see in Temecula Valley. Palm Springs, San Diego, and Orange Country are about a 60-minute drive, and Los Angeles is about 90 minutes away if you want to make Temecula your hub.

Is Temecula cheap to live?

Cost of living If you compare Temecula to many other areas in Southern California, home prices are very affordable, but when you compare the home prices to the rest of the United States, they are expensive. Another thing you’re going to pay more for is gasoline. I’m not going to give exact prices, but everybody in the United States pretty much knows California has some of the highest gas prices in the country.

Taxes are also high, and simple things like car registration will make your jaw drop, depending on your vehicle.

Do any celebrities live in Temecula? You might recognize longtime Temecula Valley resident, actor Dean Norris, from his starring roles in Breaking Bad, Terminator, Terminator II, Total Recall, Under the Dome, One Nation Under Al. An Old Town business owner himself, these are some of his top places to visit in Old Town Temecula. What celebrities were born in Temecula CA? There’s Dean Norris, who played the DEA agent in Breaking Bad; Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA 2013; Jerry Yang, winner of the 2007 World Series of Poker. The lesser-knowns are some MLB players, an American Idol loser-turned-commercial-success, and a female bodybuilder. What percentage of Temecula is white? Table

White alone, percent 

Black or African American alone, percent(a)  3.6%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)  0.4%
Asian alone, percent(a)  11.0%

What is the crime rate in Temecula CA?

Temecula, California Temecula is known as a pleasant town to raise a family or to retire in. In fact, city review site Niche.com ranks Temecula the 6th best place to live in Riverside County, higher than the other two cities on this list. Its biggest draws are good schools, diversity, many cultural and outdoor attractions, and driving distance from coastal cities like San Diego. On the downside, housing in Temecula is expensive.

In addition, road traffic has worsened in recent years, though this is a typical issue in many California cities. Crime & Safety in Temecula, CA Temecula has lower crime rates than California as a whole. The city’s violent crime rate per 100,000 people is 142.3, while its property crime rate is 2,251.6. However, these relatively low crime rates are still higher than those of either Murrieta or Menifee.

What does Dean Norris own in Temecula?

Dean and Bridget Norris were regulars at the Swing Inn Cafe in Temecula before they became owners. (Photo courtesy of Visit Temecula Valley) NextShow Caption 1 of 17 Swing Inn Cafe’s in Old Town Temecula is launching a dinner menu. (Photo by Anjali Sharif-Paul, The Sun/SCNG) Expand The Swing Inn Cafe dates from 1927, not long after the days when Temecula was a rough cattle town with authentic cowboys.

That history is preserved on Old Town Front Street, a half a mile of rustic buildings that house eateries and boutiques. Dean said he wants to keep the diner as it is, with tweaks. “This is a valuable corner,” he said Thursday. “People want to acquire it and do whatever they want to do. I want to preserve it for the next hundred years.”

Is Temecula better than Murrieta?

Temecula Vs Murrieta VIDEO What to Do Temecula is definitely going to take the win on this one, but Murrieta has a lot of things to do as well. Murrieta has a variety of golf courses, its own Old Town (nothing like Temecula), restaurants, and bars. Murrieta also has a very sought-after horse community called the Cresta. If you’re into golf, Murrieta has a beautiful private golf course community called Bear Creek.

How white is Murrieta? The 5 largest ethnic groups in Murrieta, CA are White (Non-Hispanic) (47.3%), White (Hispanic) (13.9%), Other (Hispanic) (10.3%), Two+ (Hispanic) (8.38%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (7.97%). What is Murrieta famous for? The popular image of Murrieta as an aggrieved crusader avenging the murder of his wife and Anglo racism began with the portrayal of him in The Life and Adventures of Joaquín Murieta, the Celebrated California Bandit, the sessional account of his life written by John Rollin Ridge (Yellow Bird) and published in 1854.

How far is Temecula from the beach?

Just over the Coastal Mountain Range to the west of Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country, a distance of just 22 miles is the Pacific Ocean. Temecula Valley spans a 32-square mile area. Elevations range from approximately 1,175 to 2,600 feet. The region is distinguished by natural, rolling hills with a big, open sky overhead.

In winter, the snow-capped peaks of Mount San Jacinto and Palomar Mountain, as well as Mount San Bernardino and Mount San Gorgonio to the north, semi-circle the valley’s panoramic vistas.

Is Temecula closer to LA or San Diego?

Getting to Temecula Valley, Southern California Wine Country is easy. Temecula Valley is located off the I-15 freeway approximately 60 minutes north of San Diego, CA, and 90 minutes south of Los Angeles, CA. Surrounded by four major airports, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ontario, and Orange County, as well as two local airfields, Temecula Valley is never more than an hour and a half driving distance by car or shuttle.

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