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What Do You Wear Hiking (2024)

Hear this out loudPauseClothing Strategies Start with a moisture-wicking base layer that goes against your skin and, as needed, add an insulating mid layer and a waterproof outer shell, like a rain jacket, to be prepared for any hike. Read Layering Basics to learn more.
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What do people wear to go hiking? Wear light layers against your body (shorts, pants, and a short-sleeve top in the summer, and baselayers in cold conditions). Unless you’re hiking somewhere that nighttime temperatures are consistently above 70, always wear or carry a midlayer, such as a fleece or wool hoodie. Is it better to wear shorts or pants when hiking? Long, strenuous hikes or backpacking trips can be a lot more comfortable with the right pair of shorts. Generally, shorts are more breathable than pants and super easy to get on and off. For ultralight backpackers looking to cut ounces, shorts offer a lightweight solution to lengthy trail days. Should you wear pants or jeans hiking? However, most people on the trail will likely be wearing nylon pants specially designed for hiking. Hiking pants tend to be stretchy, water resistant, wicking and quick drying. Avoid cotton and jeans when hiking because they are none of those things! Do you change clothes when hiking? Most hikers replace their sweaty shirt, pants, or shorts with cleaner, warmer clothes when they arrive at each night’s campsite. You can also change into new socks and underwear at this time—although some people wait until taking a trail shower or heading to bed. Is it OK to hike in leggings? Long leggings are also ideal when it’s cold outside since they offer extra warmth. Water Resistance: if you’re hiking in mist or light rain, water-resistant leggings or tights are best. If you’re hiking through standing water, however, you’ll need a pair made of quick-dry material instead. Is it OK to wear shorts while hiking? The decision to wear HIKING PANTS OR SHORTS is up to you, so let’s look at the pros and cons of both. Shorts give you ultimate freedom and are also cooler than pants, so if you’re going on a low-altitude summer hike, you’ll most likely be in good shape. Can I wear gym clothes for hiking? The short answer: You can! Loads of people opt for gym clothes on the trail: they’re easy to move in, probably already in your closet, and thanks to the proliferation of athleisure, you can be relatively stylish, if that’s a factor for you. Is it OK to hike in sweatpants? The answer is yes! You can certainly go hiking in sweatpants because there is a certain degree of comfort in them. Sweatpants can provide you ample amount of insulation, ideal for a short journey or a hiking session. However, do not wear them on a long-distance hiking session.— Further Readings : Camping In Comfort
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