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Hike First Date (2024)

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Is going for a hike a good first date?

Taking your date on a hike, on the other hand, is a great way to set yourself apart, and create a personal, memorable experience for both of you. You can enhance this excitement of discovery by reading up on the area you’ll be hiking in advance. Learn about interesting geological features, wildlife, or plants, and share this newfound information with your date if there’s a lull in the conversation.

What should I wear on a first date hiking?
What to Wear on a Hiking Date: Hiking Essentials

  • Good hiking boots or shoes. We cannot stress this one enough! …
  • Pants, not shorts. Dirt, rocks, mud…it’s all ending up on your legs if they’re exposed. …
  • Bug spray (your new perfume/cologne) This one is key for the summer months and hikes in woody areas. …
  • Accessories.

When a guy asks you to go hiking?

Likewise, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys nature and you can trust the guy, no one is stopping you from enjoying yourself. Just make sure you’re being smart about the situation and utilizing situational awareness. What is the message a guy sends when he asks you to hike with him? When a guy asks you to hike with him, it could have a host of meanings.

This will depend on how well you know him, where he sits in your friend zone and what he says his purpose is for asking you. If it’s a date or other kind of romantic pursuit, he will either state it or you should have picked up on the clues for it. Regardless, it infers he wants to spend time alone with you.

How long should a hike date be? Length and Difficulty

Pick a hike that should take no longer than two to three hours. Even if you’re both avid adventurers with ample hiking experience, choosing a shorter trail for your first date will allow you to get to know each other without locking you into a full-day excursion. What should a girl wear on a hiking date? For hiking dates on warmer days, what you’re looking for is lightweight material that will wick sweat easily. Another thing to keep in mind is that darker colors absorb more heat, so opt for lighter color clothing to reflect some of that heat and cool you off on your date.

Can a hike be romantic?

. It’s not about fitness — unless you are both into that. Stash clean towels in the car for cleaning off your gear upon your return. If things go well, suggest stopping for snacks or a meal on the way home. Be creative and plan ahead What if you know your partner well — maybe too well? A hike is a great way to say “I love you.” By leaving your everyday lives at home, it can provide clarity and freshness for your relationship.

And with a little creativity and forethought, you can certainly wow your partner. We offer a few romantic ideas:

How do you look cute on a hike? Layer a lightweight, breathable tank on top of a sports bra. If you’d like to go the extra mile outfit-wise, find cute underwear and wear a matching sports bra. Nothing says stylish like a hot, matching set! Depending on where you’re hiking in the summer, opt for leggings or bike shorts.

Should I wear a bra while hiking?

Hiking through woodland in the Malvern HIlls AONB. Support and Fit Support-wise, medium-impact is ideal, because that’s the support you need for the constant chest movement associated with energetic walking. A medium-support bra will be good for any kind of hiking, and also be useful for jogging and scrambling too. A good quality low-impact bra designed for yoga or barre (for example), will also work perfectly well for smaller-chested ladies.

Bear in mind that light support bras often have much less material, narrow elastic straps, and a thinner band under the boobs. But they will also be a little less tight, which you may find more comfortable if you can find a hiking-friendly shape.

How do you stay safe on a hiking date?

Make the first hike a short and easy one. You never know how hearty your date is, and you don’t want to hike for miles with someone who’s already complaining about the dust. Take extra water and standard emergency supplies (flashlight, first aid kit, map, etc.). Wear sturdy hiking shoes and hiking clothes that breathe, just make sure they’re clean. If you’re nervous, have a change of clothes, or at least a fresh shirt, and street shoes in the car for afterwards.

If you take the short route, afterwards, head out for rehydration therapy (snacks, drinks or coffee, depending on the time of day).

How can I be romantic on a hike?

Hearts can be found everywhere in nature, if you slow down long enough to look for them. Photo by Linh Huynh. Hiking Surprise: Hide a guitar in your pack and play your sweetheart a love song at the summit (e.g. Eternal Flame by the Bangles) or write “I love you” in the sand. Nature Poetry: It can be corny or incredibly romantic, depending upon what you or your partner are like. Consider a few poems to read on a mountain ledge.

Sensory Hike: Go slowly and engage your senses . Look up, feel the moss and bark, smell the dirt, taste edible berries and listen to birdsong.

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