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Via Ferrata China Mount Hua (2024)

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How long does it take to climb Mount Huashan?

The Route and The Cost Mount Huashan is 138 km from Xian Xianyang Airport. Take a bus or a train from there to reach to Mount Huashan. The total trekking time is 3-5 hours. If you start the journey in the morning, you can comfortably return by sunset. Mt Huashan hike costs about 30 USD, depending on the month of the year. Best time to take this hike is from April to October, when the weather is quite pleasant.

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Standing at an impressive 2,100 metres (7,070 ft.) at its highest peak, it is no wonder that Mount Hua is listed as one of the Five Great Mountains of China. It is located approximately 120 kilometres east of Xi’an , near a city called Huayin. It sits at the eastern end of the Qin Mountains and is made up of five peaks. Although the mountain is undoubtedly a phenomenal natural specimen, it is more well-known in China for its spiritual and religious significance.

Each of its five peaks has an intricately woven folktale behind it, which is intertwined with the Chinese mythology that is now known to be part legend and part historical fact. To the locals and to the average visitor, Mount Hua has an unmistakably mystical feel about it

How high is the Huashan Plank Walk? The infamous plank walk is located on the mountain’s highest peak, South, which has a height of 7,070 feet.

Does Mount Hua still exist?

The cult of Mount Hua experienced a significant flourishing, particularly during the Tang dynasty (618–907). This was a time when Mount Hua held great importance as it served as the midpoint along the road connecting the two capital cities of the dynasty, Chang’an and Luoyang . From the time of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.E. – 220 C.E.) onward, Mount Hua has been revered as one of China’s five sacred mountains and has received offerings as the Western Marchmount

How many people have died in Mount Huashan? This terrifying route is famous for being the most dangerous hike in the entire world, and though no official statistics are kept, it’s rumoured that around 100 people have plummeted to their deaths on the walk. Damn, now that really is a long way to fall. Now, it’s not all doom and gloom. How many people died in Huashan? Much of the climb is over narrow paths carved into steep mountain ridges and it’s rumoured that as many as 100 people die per year climbing it. What is China deadliest hike? Mount Huashan is located in the town of Huayin, only 120km from the popular Chinese City, Xian. Most people will visit the infamous mountain do so from Xian, and luckily it is relatively easy to get there! The entire journey, including trekking on the world’s most dangerous hike, can be done in a day trip.

What is the plum blossom technique in Mount Hua?

It was lost a hundred years ago after Cheongmyeong and the other elites of the sect died. It was later revealed that the Zhongnan Sect stole part of the technique and renamed it as the 12-Movement Snow Blossom Sword Technique . It is a sword technique that contains the essence of Mount Hua, the Blooming.

Once it begins to unfold, the petals like plum blossoms flutter splendidly over the opponent, then the fluttering petals quickly become a sharp sword that mercilessly cut through the opponent. It is a sword that dazzles the opponent with a illusion and cuts the opponent quickly with speed. 24 Plum Blossoms Swords[] This page is missing information, i.e. there exists officially released content that has has not been documented on the wiki yet.

What are the four great sword sects?

History[ edit ] In The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber , set in the Yuan dynasty , the Mount Hua Sect is briefly mentioned to be one of the six leading orthodox sects in the jianghu. [2] Its leader is Xianyu Tong . [2]

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