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Smokestack Restaurant In Thurber Texas (2024)

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What is the history of the smokestack in Thurber? smokestack history

Our restaurant got its name from the 128-foot-tall power plant smokestack that once provided the entire town of Thurber with electricity. Look for it when you’re cruising on 1-20 – we’re in the only remaining Thurber Brick building left in beautiful downtown Thurber, Texas.

What is Thurber Texas famous for?

Once home to more than 8,000 people, Thurber, Texas is now a ghost town located in far north Erath County. Thurber became a bustling coal mining town after coal deposits were discovered in the area in 1886 and the land was sold to the Texas and Pacific Coal Company in 1888. Thurber began attracting workers from all over the world to work the mines including large groups of Poles, Italians, Irish, Russians, and Mexicans.

This lent a decidedly international flavor to the town and night schools were soon set up to teach English to the miners. A completely company-owned town, every house, business, saloon, church, and school in Thurber was owned by the Texas and Pacific Coal Company. The town even boasted a brick manufacturing plant and an opera house

What did they mine in Thurber Texas?

Texas and Pacific Coal Company, Thurber, Erath County Thurber in Erath County west of Fort Worth was once the largest coal-mining town in Texas. Bituminous coal was first discovered there in the mid-1880s. Within a few years, miners from all over the world had come to work the mines. The Texas and Pacific Coal Company was founded in 1888 to manage the mines.

Thurber was a classic company town, with schools, churches, houses, library, saloons, entertainment, hotel, and city services all constructed and owned by the company. The miners received scrip that was good only at the company stores. The town was defended with a barbed wire fence and armed guards to keep out union organizers and other unauthorized personnel.

What is the most famous ghost town in Texas? There’s no excuse not to visit this ghost town called “The Most Famous Ghost Town in Texas,” The Terlingua graveyard is one of the most photographed sites in West Texas. However, it is essential to remember that Terlingua was once a thriving community of hardworking people. What is the name of the ghost town in Texas? Indian Gap. The small abandoned town of Indian Gap is about two hours south of Fort Worth between Priddy and Pottsville in Hamilton County. A bustling town in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it was eventually deserted, and now all that is visible are the columns of the schoolhouse and remains of weathered buildings.— Further Readings : Clearwater Crabby Bills
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