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The Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery (2024)

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Where is Agua Mansa?

Twenty or thirty families of early settlers arrived from New Mexico about 1842 – “a sufficient number to keep the hostile Indians in check,”1 according to Elliott’s History. They settled on the north bank of the Santa Ana River, near Mt. Slover , and named the place Agua Mansa for “gentle water” that flowed in the river.

What does Agua Mansa mean? Agua Mansa (“gentle water“) is a former settlement in an unincorporated area of San Bernardino County, near Colton, California, United States. How tall is Seven Oaks Dam? The structure is a 550 feet high earth and rock fill dam with a crest length of 2,980 feet. What does Mansa mean in Spanish? mansa [adj/f] gentle.

What does Mansa mean in English?

Depiction of Mansa Musa , ruler of the Mali Empire in the 14th century, from a 1375 Catalan Atlas of the known world ( mappa mundi ), created by Abraham Cresques Mansa ( N’Ko : ߡߊ߲߬ߛߊ; pl. mansaw) is a Maninka and Mandinka word for a hereditary ruler, commonly translated as “king”. It is particularly known as the title of the rulers of the Mali Empire , such as Mansa Musa , and in this context is sometimes translated as ” emperor “.

It is also a title held by traditional village rulers, and in this context is translated as “chief”.

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