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Suicide Bridge In Pasadena (2024)

During the early part of the 20th century, the Colorado Street Bridge became known locally as “Suicide Bridge” after dozens of people leaped to their deaths. The bridge had a bad reputation before it was even built, as a construction worker fell to his death and landed in the wet cement under the bridge.
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How many people have died on the suicide bridge in Pasadena? Once known as the “Suicide Bridge,” the bridge saw more than 150 deaths between 1919 and 2017. At one point, rumors of the site being haunted even arose.

Why is it called suicide bridge?

Type of structure used frequently to commit suicide This article is about bridges from which people commit suicide. For the novel, see Suicide Bridge . A suicide bridge is a bridge used frequently by people to end their lives , most typically by jumping off and into the water or ground below. A fall from the height of a tall bridge into water may be fatal, although some people have survived jumps from high bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge .

[1] However, significant injury or death is far from certain; numerous studies report minimally injured persons who died from drowning. [2]

Where is the suicide bridge located?

Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena, California The majestic 1913 Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena , California , not only wowed early travelers crossing the causeway but soon took on a more sinister note when people began to leap from the 150-foot bridge to their death. Within a decade of its construction, locals had begun to call it the “Suicide Bridge.” As you can imagine, legends began to abound that those unfortunate souls haunted the bridge.

Can you walk on the Pasadena bridge?

From the northeast corner of the bridge you can walk out on a dirt path to get an amazing view of the bridge in its entirety, which I highly recommend. This view allows you to see the fantastic concrete arches that span the bridge and make it a focal point of the city. Side note: I do not recommend crossing the street while on the bridge as it is hard for cars to see you and is dangerous.

What bridge has the most suicides in the US?

Information on self-harm at the Golden Gate Bridge Special telephones on the Golden Gate Bridge link directly to suicide crisis hotlines. Sign promoting a 24/7 crisis text line on the Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge as seen from below Between 1937 and 2012, an estimated 1,400 bodies were recovered of people who had jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge , located in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States . [1]

What bridge has the most suicides per year?

Most frequently used locations[ edit ] Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge , Nanjing, China – more than 2,000 suicides from 1968 to 2006 [1] Golden Gate Bridge , San Francisco, California , United States – more than 1,600 known suicides; [2] [3] [4] the number is believed to be higher because of people whose bodies were never found

Has anyone survived jumping off deception pass? A 47-year-old LaConner man jumped off Deception Pass bridge in a apparent suicide attempt, but was immediately pulled out of the swirling water below by boaters Tuesday morning. How many have died on the Golden Gate bridge? About 2,000 people are known to have jumped to their deaths from the bridge since it was completed in 1937, and since not all jumps are witnessed and not all bodies are found, the true tally is very likely to be higher.

What bridge is known as the Suicide Bridge?

. The company’s single cement mixer poured concrete half a yard at a time into the bridge’s hundreds of wooden forms that, when removed, revealed the bridge’s arches, girders, spandrels, and decorative details. The bridge cost one quarter of a million dollars to build. Thousands of Pasadena citizens came to celebrate its opening. The bridge connected Pasadena to Los Angeles, poising it to grow. Traffic on the new bridge was heavy.

Only two lanes wide, the bridge was considered inadequate as early as the 1930s. The bridge remained part of Route 66 until the 1940 completion of the Arroyo Seco Parkway. By then, the Colorado Street Bridge had a sinister reputation as “suicide bridge.” The first person jumped from the bridge in 1919. A number of other deaths by suicide followed, especially during the Great Depression

What is dog Suicide Bridge?

Since the 1950s, numerous reports of dogs either falling or jumping from the bridge have been reported. With the incidents often resulting in serious injury or death upon landing on the rocks some 50 ft (15 m) below, the bridge has been dubbed the “Dog Suicide Bridge”. [1] Various explanations for these deaths have been proposed, ranging from natural accidents to paranormal activity . [2]

What bridge do animals go to heaven?

Photographed by Paul Koudounaris Craig Road Pet Cemetery in Las Vegas As a concept, what nineteen year old Edna envisioned is a kind of limbo where deceased pets are returned to their most hale form and cavort in newfound youth in an Elysian setting. But it is not paradise itself.

Rather, it is a kind of way station where the spirit of an animal waits for the arrival of its earthly human companion, so that they may cross the Bridge together, to achieve true and eternal paradise in each other’s company, and to thereafter never again be parted. The Rainbow Bridge has been referred to as “chicken soup for the soul,” as a kind of simple comfort for grieving hearts. [1] This is not an unfair assessment, but it is also something much more.

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