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Thompson’S Island San Marcos

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Can you still float the San Marcos River? Yes, you can! Please stick to public access points. San Marcos riverfront parks include City Park, Plaza Park, Veramendi Plaza, Bicentennial Park, Children’s Park, Rio Vista Park, Crook Park, Ramon Lucio Park, and Stokes Park. Can you swim in San Marcos River? The river provides a refreshing playground for swimming, canoeing, and tubing.

Can you take cans on the San Marcos River?

Some rivers have issued a can ban during while tubing and some are still allowing them. SAN MARCOS RIVER Yes, cans are allowed on the San Marcos river while you float the river but glass and styrofoam are not allowed. This helps protect the river and the ecosystem. The San Marcos river is quite precious and fragile so please leave no trace. If y’all join a float trip with Frontera Tours , we provide onion mesh bags to everyone for trash.

It’s a great way to float the river and keep your trash on board. At the end we’ll have trash cans for everyone. COMAL RIVER No Disposable Containers are allowed on the Comal River: All “throw away” and/or “one time use” drink containers, food packaging and wrappers, are prohibited, banned, and outlawed on the Comal River.

What lives in the San Marcos River?

Wildlife[ edit ] San Marcos has many different wildlife species, including endangered ones, that reside in the San Marcos River. Species are listed threatened or endangered based on declining numbers or loss of habitat. The Texas blind salamander and the San Marcos salamander are endangered species that are only found in certain section of the San Marcos River and the Edwards Aquifer. [5]

How can I float the San Marcos River for free?

There is no cost to use the San Marcos River or the Blanco River. Parking is also free. Visitors may bring their own tubes, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards or rent one from a vendor. To learn more, visit our Rivers webpage.

Is the San Marcos River deep? So, if for instance, the San Marcos River at Highway 80 in Luling has a depth of 4.58 feet, the flow of the river at that point, for that depth is 180 cubic feet per second. A cubic foot of water is about 7.48 gallons of water, so a flow of 180 cfs equals about 1,346 gallons of water per second.

Where do you start floating in San Marcos River?

. The river does NOT go in a circle, make a clear plan of how to safely get home (Shuttles, etc.) CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! Litter is a big problem in the San Marcos River. If you’re going to have drinks or snacks, bring a trash bag with you and carry out all of your trash. Remember that because this is a natural environment, the volume of water, depth and debris can change from day to day.

There is obviously no lifeguard at the river. Floating the San Marcos River is a family-friendly activity, but it’s also a great excuse to Get a Sitter to head down with grown-up friends. Either way you plan it, we hope you have a great time!

Which river is better Comal or San Marcos?

GUADALUPE RIVER This is, in my opinion, the prettiest of the floats! I grew up floating the Guadalupe River with my family and actually have not done this one as an adult yet. Here you have a couple of options for length, you can take the short trip at 2 hours or the long trip at about 5 hours. I recommend checking out Tube Haus , Whitewater Sports , or Shanty Tubes here!

** currently the Guadalupe River is on a NO CAN BAN and all disposable containers are banned ** SEE MORE // Your Austin Summer Bucket List With Everything To Do This Summer 2021

Can you float the San Marcos River at night?

Paddle the San Marcos River at Night What’s more awesome than going kayaking? Doing so at night, of course! With the colorful LED lights of you and your friends’ clear kayaks guiding your way, you’ll experience floating on the San Marcos River in a whole new way. All of this is part of the Glow Tours provided by Paddle SMTX . Paddle under the stars and savor gorgeous views of the river throughout the nearly 75-minute guided tour.

You can even choose the colors that glow beneath you, so put on your glow sticks and light up the night. Photo Credit: Paddle SMTX

Is the San Marcos River clean? Natural Features. The water quality in the San Marcos River is generally very good, running clean and clear most of the time, but becoming more turbid as you move downstream.

Can you float the San Marcos River for free?

There is no cost to use the San Marcos River or the Blanco River. Parking is also free. Visitors may bring their own tubes, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards or rent one from a vendor. To learn more, visit our Rivers webpage.

Why is the San Marcos River so cold? Since the San Marcos River comes from a natural spring, the water stays at a cool and refreshing 72 degrees year-round.

Is San Marcos River polluted?

Construction pollution occurs frequently in San Marcos due to the constant growth of the city and the construction that occurs to make up for that. These materials find their way into the San Marcos River through frequent floods that wash materials used on roadways or buildings downstream. As pictured, the accumulation of these objects can be seen.

The top photo is a street that is located in the neighborhood that sits right above spring lake, the significance being that these materials can be easily washed into the river during even a light rain. In the bottom photo is the rock formation that was caused by a single flood bringing in various construction materials such as leftover stone.

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