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What Is The Purpose Of Lechuza

Our LECHUZA-PON plant substrate supports plants and gives them all the important nutrients they need. It also regulates the supply of water to the roots so that the plant always receives the right amount of water without the risk of waterlogging.
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Is Pon better than soil?

LECHUZA-PON has an adjusted bulk weight. Your plant is firmly supported within the planter, which is important for larger plants. LECHUZA-PON ensures that your LECHUZA planter remains stable and is also perfectly suited for use outdoors. The substrate is a natural odor absorber for things like dead roots. Heavy metals and pollutants (e.g. from the water) are permanently linked. The purely mineral-based plant substrate blocks fungi that can attack the roots. Therefore, PON is suited for people who suffer from allergies.

It can also prevent bugs such as gnats, since they typically only nest in soil. PON is free-flowing and can be used with a shovel to fill planters in place of dirt. When planting with LECHUZA-PON, you don’t need to completely free the root ball from the soil.

Can I mix soil with pon?

The 50% method is a protective Pon layer, with the bottom quarter or so inside the pot, filling in the outside edges, and finishing with a top layer of Pon on the surface to help avoid pests such as fungus gnats, keeping your usual potting mix covered, in the middle around the roots.

This method is popular if you’re using Pon for it’s pest resistant properties (keep in mind that doesn’t include all pests, and Pon isn’t an insecticide, but more about pests coming up). The third method is a complete repot into 100% Pon. That involves removing all organic matter like soil and potting mix, rinsing the roots, then planting fully in Pon. This is also popular for avoiding pests (mainly fungus gnats, but more about pests coming up).

100% Pon also helps avoid irritants for sensitive or allergy sufferers such as fungus spores.

Can pon sit in water?

Plant your houseplant into the planter of your choosing. When transferring a plant thats been in soil, it will need more time to adjust to pon rather than a fresh cutting or a plant that was propagated in water. For the first few weeks, don’t let the plant sit in a water reservoir just yet. Let the lechuza pon dry out and give it a good soak when it needs water. Repeat this method for a few months.

During this time, your plant might be struggling or going through transfer shock. Make sure to give it optimal growing conditions and keep a close eye on the roots. Plants that have been grown in water, perlite, and sphagnum moss will have little transfer period since they already have water roots.

How often do you water plants in Pon?

The second option: without water reservoirs and thus watering as you would with soil. So you water your plant when your pon looks dry. With plants that need less water, you can leave the pon dry a little longer. It is best to water them under the shower or tap that you can flush the pon again. Do this for a minute so that your plant definitely gets a chance to drink.

Now I am sometimes lazy, and want to save me a trip to the bathroom that is located one floor below. I then often water my plants with the watering can, and I leave the excess water in for about an hour, and then I tip the excess water away. difference between dry and wet pon Now back to repotting,

What are the disadvantages of PON?

Passive Optical Network With PONs, power is only required at the source and receiving ends of the signal. Data is separated and collected by unpowered optical splitters along the line. It should be noted that PONs share fiber strands only for portions of the network. Due to fewer moving and electrical components, PONs have lower building and maintenance costs than AONs.

But two potential drawbacks are that subscribers must be close to the central source of data and there may be latency issues, as PONs are not dedicated to a single subscriber.

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