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Is Mission Peak A Hard Hike

Experience this 6.0-mile loop trail near Milpitas, California. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 3 h 59 min to complete.
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Is Mission Peak hike difficult?

The Mission Peak Trail is a 6.2 mile round trip hike. It takes approximately 4 – 5 hours to hike. I suggest you go clockwise. This direction is the popular, well traveled route. Enjoy the benches along the way, the wildlife – cows, turkeys, and birds. The hike is billed as challenging level because of the steep incline of over 2100 feet in 3 miles.

If you are in strong shape, you won’t find it that challenging, but everyone agrees that it’s a good workout! Just take your time and you’ll be fine.

How long does it take to hike up Mission Peak? This well used park, particularly on weekends, with hundreds of visitors attempting the 3-plus-mile hike to Mission Peak. About five hours are required to reach the summit and return. Can kids hike Mission Peak? The actual trail to hike up to Mission Peak is a dirt road, so the only think you have to deal with is hiking up 3 miles on the road with decent slope. I hiked with my wife, 6 year old, and 2 year old who was in a backpack. How many calories do you burn hiking Mission Peak? It is a calorie burner and if you climb without taking too many breaks you can burn more than 1000 calories. Mission Peak Regional Preserve is a six mile mountain hike up and down…

How do I prepare for Mission Peak hike?

THE HIKE Starting at the parking area, you begin on a wide, exposed, dirt path that is relatively flat. You’ll want to keep to the left at all junctions at this point. After about 0.25 miles, the trail begins to climb, and doesn’t stop until the very top! You’ll climb up very long, wide switchbacks, and gain views of the bay and the hills for most of the hike.

There are a few benches along the way that are very nice to sit at and have a snack to rest up!

How steep is Mission Peak?

There are two main trailheads for Mission Peak: Stanford Avenue and Ohlone College. This description starts at the Stanford Avenue trailhead and is considered the “main” route. The main route is 6.2 miles roundtrip while the Ohlone College route is 6.75 miles roundtrip. The elevation gain for each is 2100 feet. Stanford Avenue has free but limited parking and a potable water source at the trailhead.

The Ohlone College approach has more shade, more solitude, and more parking in the Ohlone College multi-story parking garage ($4 fee). Once you have done the Stanford Avenue route, try the Ohlone College route to help preserve the trail and cut down on foot and vehicle traffic at the Stanford Avenue trailhead. See Notes for more info.

Which Mission Peak Trail is better? According to users from AllTrails.com, the best place to hike in Mission Peak Regional Preserve is Mission Peak Loop from Stanford Avenue Staging Area, which has a 4.6 star rating from 7,960 reviews.— More >> What Is A Well Known Ghost Town In California?
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