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What Not To Do In A Haunted House

– Don’t Try and Fool Them. Be real with them.
– Don’t Dodge the Scare.
– Be Conscious of Personal Medical Conditions.
– Don’t Touch the Monsters.
– Don’t Come Under the Influence.
– Avoid Tampering with Props.
– Don’t “Test” the Monsters.
– Don’t Ruin the Scare.
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What not to do at a haunted house?

What NOT to do in a haunted house Before any group of visitors enters ScareHouse, they are told the rules. These include reminders such as keeping cell phones away and “touch no thing and no thing will touch you.” Those actors portraying the zombies and demons still see, hear and experience some visitors who need even more reminders, however.

When asked what ScareHouse visitors should keep in mind NOT to do inside a haunted house, the most mentioned advice from actors’ firsthand knowledge: Treat the actors the way you would want to be treated, Wendy says. “Please do not come with the intent of ridiculing, harassing, or taunting the actors,” says Leah. “It ruins the experience not just for your group, but many times for others behind or in front of you.”

What are haunted house actors not allowed to do? They’re not allowed to intentionally touch or grab you, but just be aware that minor contact (like lightly bumping into you) may happen accidentally, especially in crowded scarezones. How do I not get scared in a haunted house?
Avoid screaming or laughing, which will make actors want to scare you.

  1. If you get scared, tamp down on your reactions as much as you can. Instead of lurching back or yelling, try to just jump slightly and gasp.
  2. Take deep breaths and move slowly through the haunted house to stay in control of your reactions.

Can you touch someone in a haunted house? Some things to be aware of:

Some places have safe words, others do not. Some will only brush your shoulder, while others may pick you up and toss you on a bed. Some will have you sign a waiver, others will not. Some will let you opt in/out of physical contact, others will not.

What do scare actors do?

Scare acting is one of the most fun seasonal jobs for people who love Halloween. Folks from a wide variety of backgrounds come together every October to dress up in scary costumes, hide inside haunted houses, forests and hayrides all over America. It’s a strange, sometimes exhausting but always entertaining way to really get into the Halloween spirit.

If this is your first season as a haunted house actor here are 10 tips and tricks from the staff at The Nevermore Haunt, Maryland’s scariest haunted house, to be the ghost with the most at your haunted attraction.

How do you scare someone in a haunted house?

  1. Lots of twists and turns: People always should fear what lurks around the corner.
  2. Darkly lit rooms: Everything is scarier in the dark.
  3. Tons of strobe lights: Everything is more distorted, and thus more menacing, when you can’t get a clean look at it because the strobe lights are skewing your vision.

Can you touch the scare actors? Keep your hands to yourself and don’t touch the actors.

Many haunted houses have rules against touching the staff. But even if this isn’t explicitly mentioned, grabbing, pushing, or hitting the actors is liable to get you thrown out, and possibly even arrested. Can you be a scare actor at 14? ACTOR AGE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT IS USUALLY 13. HOWERVER, WE DO HAVE YOUNGER ACTORS BUT THEY MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SUPERVISING ADULT FOR EACH PERFORMANCE.

Can the scare actors touch you at horror nights?

Pro Tip: No Touchy! While the performers at Halloween Horror Nights (aka Scareactors-think ‘characters’, but spooky) work incredibly hard to immerse you in a frightening experience, they will NEVER touch you. Entrance to Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake. The level of detail found in HHN Haunted Houses is unmatched. Slow down for the Scare Zones, too! In addition to the haunted houses, Halloween Horror Nights features Scare Zones scattered throughout the park.

These areas are designed to be interactive and immersive, with terrifying actors roaming around to scare guests. Scare Zones feature their own unique themes and fully fleshed-out backstories, to boot. They often have mini shows happening through the night, as well. Take some time to hang out and take it all in, including the glorious smell of the fog! IYKYK

Why can’t you record at a haunted house? Haunted houses are dark and it takes everyone, especially the actors’ eyes, to adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera, you’re not only ruining other customers’ experience, but you’re hurting the actors’ eyes. Also, no other recording devices are allowed (video cameras, etc,…). Has anyone been hurt at a haunted house? Haunted Houses are often the site of slip and fall injuries. Haunted Houses frighten people using a combination of scare tactics, rides, and props which can combine into a dangerous mixture which results in severe injuries.

What is the scariest haunted house no one has made it through?

The haunted attraction , founded by Russ McKamey in San Diego, CA, has been operation for years, and still has a cult-following of loyal fans. McKamey refers to the experience as a tour, which is meant to last 10 hours, promising a $20,000 cash prize to anyone who can withstand the full experience. (Spoiler alert: no one has ever made it that far.) Each tour is tailored to the individual participating, playing upon their biggest fears and phobias.

Past visitors of McKamey Manor have reported leaving with broken bones, shaved heads, extracted teeth , and, of course, psychological trauma

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