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Cedar Key Historic Hotel (2024)

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Is Cedar Key one of the Keys? Cedar Key is a quiet island community nestled among many tiny keys on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Long admired for its natural beauty and abundant supply of seafood, it is a tranquil village, rich with the almost forgotten history of old Florida. How old is Cedar Key Florida? Cedar Key, the rustic town on Way Key, was settled in the early 1840s. The second Seminole War was officially ended here in 1842. Soon after, steamboats filled the waterways. They carried cotton and lumber along the Gulf Coast and to foreign nations. When was the island hotel built?

Island Hotel
Location Cedar Key, Florida
Coordinates 29.13713°N 83.03124°W
Architectural style Masonry Vernacular

Does Cedar Key Florida have beaches? Yes, it is a beach, with sand & water, but small, tucked in between commercial property. Is Cedar Key like Key West? Cedar Key sits off Florida’s Nature Coast, about an hour west of Gainesville or two hours north of Tampa. It, and its neighboring islands, are Florida’s ‘other keys’. This is not Key West! Or, as one of the locals warned us, ‘This certainly is not Daytona! Is Cedar Key worth visiting? The region around Cedar Key offers many good opportunities to explore little-visited areas. A few miles from town is the Cedar Key State Scrub Preserve with many miles of trails for hikers and mountain-bikers. North of Cedar Key is the road to the Shell Mound area of Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. Is Cedar Key crowded? Cedar Key is a community of less than 1,000 people on the gulf coast of Florida. It’s roughly three hours north of Tampa. The nearest city of any size is Gainesville, about an hour east. That means you’re not surrounded by giant cell phone towers. Is Cedar Key Florida crowded? Cedar Key really doesn’t have a busy season due to how small and remote it is. I would wager that from season to season that there is not a big difference in “crowd” level. The restaurants are not seasonally opened and the few special events do not exactly draw large crowds. There are only two special events in 2022.— Further Readings : What Is The Best Hotel In Key West
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