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Catalina Island Where To Stay (2024)

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Is it worth staying overnight on Catalina Island? Based on our past four visits, I think the key to an enjoyable Catalina vacation is to set aside at least two nights and three days so you can see different parts of the island (especially Two Harbors), dine in the beachfront restaurants and, most important of all, do a variety of the water and land-based tours.

How many nights should you stay in Catalina Island?

How Many Days should I Stay on Catalina Island? Catalina Island, a gem off the coast of Southern California, offers the perfect escape for any time of year. While it’s tempting to extend your stay, three days are often just the right amount of time to enjoy all the island has to offer. So let’s dive into both seasons!

Summer Escapade on Catalina IslandHere are our suggestions for a fantastic 3-day summer itinerary to make the most of your stay: Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

What is the difference between Avalon and Two Harbors? All-in-all, if you want to go shopping and experience many restaurants, go to Avalon. If you just want to be in nature 24/7 and enjoy quaint experiences, Two Harbors is your place. Visit Catalina Island and experience these dream California coastal towns today by making a reservation on board Catalina Express!

Can you get around Catalina Island without a car?

Getting Around Catalina Island Both Avalon and Two Harbors are easily accessible on foot. It’s fun to meander around the city streets and take in the sights and sounds of these quaint villages. Most Avalon residents get around by golf cart, which are available for rent on an hourly or daily basis. There is also the Garibaldi Bus operated by the City of Avalon.

The Garibaldi Community fixed route bus serves central Avalon from the ferry landing to Casino Way and up-canyon to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden. $2 per ride, children under 5 are free. Taxi service is available from the Catalina Island ferry terminal, as well as the taxi stand, located on the corner of Crescent Avenue and Metropole Avenue, to all areas of Avalon.

What part of Catalina Island is better?

Go for Avalon if: If you want a plethora restaurant options, nightlife, golf cart rentals, tour options, shopping and to be one with the crowds. Go for Two Harbors if: The idea of being on a remote island with epic hikes in your backyard sounds good to you. There’s only one restaurant here and one hotel option in addition to camping, so in Two Harbors things are much simpler and that can be a lovely thing.

Can you walk everywhere in Catalina? Getting around the island is fairly simple, you can walk just about everywhere, but for a bit of further exploring, there are a few options for getting around. Rent a beach cruiser, electric bike, mountain bike, or tandem bike at Brown’s Bikes for a fun way to explore the town and a quick way to get to the beach!

What is the best month to go to Catalina Island?

When is the Best Time to Go to Catalina Island? Whether you’re planning a week-long vacation or a Catalina day trip , the weather in Catalina Island is at its best in spring and fall. It’s during this off-season period that the Island is less busy and crowds are easily avoidable. The summer is the busiest season, and there are lots of great events such as beachside concerts, food & wine festivals and beach bingo.

Traveling to Catalina Island Because the ferry runs year-round, Catalina Island is one of the most convenient destinations in California to take a weekend getaway . Catalina Express offers up to 30 conveniently-timed departures on a daily basis. All year long, you can set sail to Catalina Island from ports in San Pedro, Long Beach and Dana Point.

How expensive is going to Catalina Island?

The passenger ferry to Catalina Island costs $84 round trip on the Catalina Express . The Catalina Express departs from Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point. The cost on the Catalina Flyer from Newport Beach is $78 round trip. *Prices are subject to change. What is the fastest way to get to Catalina Island? The fastest way to get to Catalina Island is via helicopter. It takes 15 minutes to fly from mainland Southern California to Catalina Island.

The service is provided by IEX Helicopters .

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