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Craig Peyer Wife (2024)

Karen Peyer ended her remarks by expressing her love for her husband: “I love you Craig, and I am glad to be your wife. . . . I will always be committed to you.”Aug 4, 1988
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Does Craig Peyer have children? Peyer and his wife are caring for three children: an 11-year-old daughter from Peyer’s first marriage, a 4-year-old son from Karen Peyer’s first marriage, and a 6-month-old daughter from their own marriage. Where is Craig Peyer now? His next eligibility for a parole hearing was set for 15 years later, in January 2027, when he will be almost 77 years old. Peyer is serving his sentence at California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo, California, which is considered a “country club” and “garden spot” among California prisons.

What evidence did they have on Craig Peyer?

Other incriminating evidence included videotape of Peyer talking to a television reporter about personal safety for women just two days after the murder. Peyer�s face had scratch marks on it. The case sparked a wave of fear among women in the region who were now anxious about how to handle a routine traffic stop. Police were likewise concerned about motorists who might now be carrying firearms in a perceived attempt to protect themselves.

Peyer�s first trial ended with the jury deadlocked seven to five for conviction. District Attorney Paul Pfingst, who was a Deputy D.A. at the time prosecuted during the second trial. Peyer was found guilty of first-degree murder.

What happened to Craig Crimmins? In 1981, Crimmins was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for the murder and attempted rape of Helen Hagnes Mintiks. Crimmins has attempted to apply for parole every two years since 2000, but has been denied each time, due to the severity of his crime. Sources suggest he is next able to apply for parole in 2022. What happened to Alice Crimmins? In 1973 both convictions were overturned, before Crimmins was re-convicted of the manslaughter of Missy in 1973. She was paroled in 1977. The Casey Anthony trial has been compared by some in the media to the Crimmins trial. Under her married name of Alice Grace she lives in Northwest Florida.— Further Readings : Ma Barkers House
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