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Where Can I Buy White Gas (2024)

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Is Coleman fuel same as white gas? You might hear white gas referred to generically as “Coleman fuel”. Not all brands are identical, but any stove that runs on white gas should burn Coleman fuel without issue. What is white gas also known as? Coleman fuel, also generically sold as white gas, is a petroleum naphtha product marketed by the Coleman Company. A gallon can of Coleman Camp Fuel, a common naphtha-based fuel used in many lanterns and stoves.

Can I use white gas in my car?

RE: the person in the outdoor leadership program at the end of your program today on UWNC. Stale “white gas” (e.g. Amoco) can be used in a car with a full tank. The additives have gone bad, but not the gas. Coleman fuel (white gas, without the additives) can probably be added to a full tank, as the other 15 gallons will have enough additives (it is illegal, however, as the taxes have not been paid).

Since you bought your lantern, Coleman started making butane lanterns, so both of you were right in talking about lanterns.

What is the best white gas? MSR® SuperFuel is the highest-performance white gas on the market, more refined and cleaner-burning than any comparable fuel and unmatched for reducing clogs and maintenance. Is all camp fuel white gas? Liquid Fuel

Typically, a stove attaches to your refillable fuel bottle; the fuel inside that bottle is most often white gas, though it might also be kerosene, unleaded auto gas or other options.

Is kerosene the same as white gas?

Fire Spinning with White Gas vs Kerosene In summary, fire spinning white gas vs kerosene has it’s differences! Unless you need a quick light up, or cannot stand the smell, Kerosene wins the fire fuel match. Simply for its overall ease in acquiring and its 40% longer burn time. White gasoline burns bright, fast, but is quickly dimming within a minute or so of burning. Kerosene takes a few seconds to get hot enough to stay lit.

And will stay brighter longer and really only begin to really fade after 30-60 seconds. Kerosene also does not evaporate like white gasoline does, so time isn’t as much of a time constituent to light up before the wicks are dry and need a re-dip.

How much white gas per person per day?

. Fuel usage can vary from less than a fluid ounce per day, to 2-1/2 fluid ounces per day in summer. In winter, more, of course. From solo trips to 3 person trips, it will vary. Soo, there is no one simple answer.

What are the disadvantages of a white gas stove? In addition, white gas is the choice for cold temperatures below freezing. The disadvantages of a white gas stove is that they are trickier to operate, require priming and the stove unit is heavier.

What octane is white gas?

BlackCloud 04-27-2007, 10:45 There are different grades of fuel. 93 Octane gas is a more refined fuel than 87 Octane and will thus burn hotter & cleaner. Airplane fuel for a Cessna (small pvt craft) is a more refined fuel (110) than 93 Octane; Coleman fuel, or “white gas” has an octane level around 155, hence it’s $5 gal, or whatever it is now. The higher the octane, the hotter the fuel will burn.

This becomes an issue in Coleman Peak 1 stoves at higher altitudes and lower temperatures. Combine extreme cold and thin air and you BETTER have white gas….. SGT Rock 04-27-2007, 11:22

What is the best fuel for fire eating?

Ultra-pure paraffin oil is the fuel of choice for professional fire breathers and fire eaters (who are the ONLY ones who should put this stuff in their mouth). Fire breathing is where the performer creates a fireball by exhaling a fine mist of fuel over an open flame. Not surprisingly, it’s considered the most dangerous of the fire arts, especially on a windy day. Fire-eaters practice the slightly safer art of placing flaming objects into their mouth.

As I have access to lots of paraffin oil, I thought it would be a great (or exceptionally bad) idea to try it myself, but the how-to part of fire eating is kept a tight secret by those who practice it. Sigh. Fire poi flower – amazing! Source: westcoastjuggling.com

What burns hotter kerosene or white gas?

Given the option, I’d just go White Gas and be done with it. For the little amount of gas you’ll go through, is $5.00 per gallon spread over an entire camping season (or more) really a big deal? Probably not. However, the Dragonfly will burn kerosene just fine. In fact, it burns longer than White Gas based on the specs on the MSR website. Maybe kerosene will burn dirtier, but the stove is still designed to burn it.

MSR Dragonfly stoves And you think kerosene is safer? By how much? White gas has been used in the Dragonfly, Whisperlite and other MSR stoves, not to mention countless other brands, for as long as they all have been made. What’s the big deal?

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