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Camping San Clemente Beach (2024)

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How much does it cost to camp at San Clemente State Beach?

San Clemente State Beach Campgrounds San Clemente State Beach campgrounds are located at 225 Avenida Calafia in San Clemente. The state beach offers two campgrounds, one designated for RVs or trailers and providing them with full hook-ups. The other called the Tent Campground actually can accept small RVs, but there are no hook-ups. In addition, there are two Group Sites adjacent to the tent campground.

Visitors to San Clemente beaches enjoy fishing and sight-seeing from the San Clemente Pier, relaxing at Calafia Beach, strolling along the San Clemente Beach Trail, and surfing at spots like T Street and Toads. The visitor center has programs for Junior Rangers and Ranger Buddies.

Does San Clemente State Beach have hookups?

San Clemente State Beach Overview San Clemente State Beach campground has 159 campsites (72 with full hookups) and is located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. There are also 5 vintage trailers for rent and 2 group campsites available (50 people per site). Individual campsites can have 2 vehicles and 8 people per site.

Can you camp overnight at a beach in California?

Spend the summer channeling your inner beach bum. Many beaches in Southern California are day-use only but several offer the best camping in Southern California and this includes RV beach camping. Here’s a list of 23 state or county beaches and parks that allow beach camping from San Diego County to Cambria in San Luis Obispo county. Pismo Beach Table of contents: (Hide)

Can you camp for free on the beach in California?

Free beach camping in California is quite rare, as most beach campgrounds are managed by state parks or other organizations that charge fees. However, you can find some dispersed camping areas along the coast in certain parts of the state, such as on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land or in National Forests. Keep in mind that these free camping spots usually have limited facilities and are often located in more remote areas.

It’s essential to follow the Leave No Trace principles and respect the environment when camping in these locations. Always check the specific regulations and restrictions for the area you plan to visit.

What are the best sites at San Clemente State Beach?

According to previous campers, sites 74 through 90 have the best views of the ocean since they are near the edge of the bluffs. Among those, sites 82, 83 and 85 have the best views. A fence separates the campground from the bluffs. Camping fees cover one vehicle and one towed vehicle. Extra vehicles are allowed for a fee. Each campsite is for a maximum of 8 people.

As in the RV campground, dogs must be kept on a leash and confined to a vehicle or tent at night. A number of previous campers noted skunks wandering around at night, so carry a flashlight when headed to the restroom.

Is it illegal to sleep on the beach in California?

Ron Sokol A: Sorry, not allowed in Los Angeles or Orange counties. It is too much for the government to sufficiently monitor activities throughout the night with the many beaches in Southern California. You might be comfortable there, have a sleeping bag and be no problem at all, but you could have something stolen, or be the victim of a crime. There are also safety concerns that come with being among the elements, such as rising tides or wild animals.

The government does not want to take on the additional risks of liability for someone sleeping on the beach, or the expense of comprehensive security. There are some locations (such as Dockweiler Beach in El Segundo) where you can park an RV overnight and stay in it, which is a fair compromise

Which California beaches allow camping?

. For a more remote camping experience, head to Little Harbor Campground , seven miles from Two Harbors. Getting to this SoCal island , about 20 miles from the coast, is easy: Take the one-hour ferry from Newport Beach , Dana Point , Long Beach , or San Pedro . ( more on beach camping on Catalina Island )

Are you allowed to sleep in a tent on the beach?

Can you pitch a tent on the beach? Yes, you can pitch a tent on the beach as long as it is permissible to do so in that particular area. Many beaches have restrictions on camping, so be sure to check before making any plans. Additionally, always heed local advisories and weather conditions when camping near bodies of water. Winds can pick up quickly and cause problems for campers and tents alike.

Always take care when setting up your campsite and never leave cooking equipment or fires unattended. Enjoy your time under the stars – just remember to be safe while doing so.

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