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Whats A Spirit Guide

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What does it mean if I have a spirit guide? what are spirit guides? It’s said that we each have an angel on either side of us, and we also have guides — maybe a spirit who has been with us in lifetimes before, an ancestor who can support us, or someone we knew in our lifetime.

What is the meaning of spiritual guidance?

What Is Spiritual Guidance? Spiritual guidance is a confidential meeting with an experienced guide who assists you in listening to God’s voice in your daily life. In spiritual guidance, you reflect on your life’s direction and grow by recognizing God’s presence. This is different from therapy or counseling at church. A spiritual guidance counselor does not provide answers to your problems but helps you listen to the truth of your life and the Spirit’s movement within you.

Source: Roots Through Recovery How Is Spiritual Guidance Beneficial To Treating Addiction? A faith journey is believing in a higher form of power and connection to something far larger than yourself. Suppose you are someone in a drug addiction treatment. In that case, spirituality becomes your lifeline, your foundation for restoring your mind, body, and soul from toxicity.

How to speak to your spirit guides?
When you are ready, you can say:

  1. I am in need of your assistance. Share any information that you have for me. …
  2. Dear Spirit Guide, I bless you and thank you for joining me and sharing your advice. Take some deep breaths and slowly come back into your body. …
  3. Learn about your guides.

What is another word for spirit guide?

Synonyms of spiritual guide (noun spiritual leader) gurumastermentormysticswamiteacher

What are the seven signs of the spirit? The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. While some Christans accept these as a definitive list of specific attributes, others understand them merely as examples of the Holy Spirit’s work through the faithful.

What are the characteristics of spiritual guide?

5 Spiritual Counselor Characteristics Highly Educated Maturity of Spirit Solid Interpersonal Skills Strong Understanding of Self Compassionate Heart Clients who seek out a spiritual counselor do so out of a desire to heal their whole selves, mind, body and spirit. Therefore, the therapists who serve them must possess solid training and knowledge of the spiritual principles that guide spiritual counseling. While each counselor brings something slightly different to the table, an effective spiritual counselor will have the five following characteristics.

Is intuition a gift from God?

On the other hand, if we’re not careful, there’s also an opportunity to abuse the gift. Curse of Intuition I once heard someone say our greatest weaknesses are often our greatest gifts on steroids. There’s a lot of truth in that statement. Discernment is a gift of God. Intuition is a gift from God. But any gift can be abused by using it in the flesh instead of in the Spirit.

As we progress in our walk with Jesus, we become more attuned to his heart for others. We also grow in our ability to perceive when others might have impure motives. But we must be careful—especially those of us with a title or salary from a church—to seek clarity on whether our sanctified intuition is of the flesh or the Spirit.

How do you know when the Holy Spirit hit you?

The scriptures also describe the Holy Ghost as a “burning” in the bosom (see Doctrine and Covenants 9:8–9 ). But the intensity or degree of that “burning” can be different for everyone. Sometimes it’s like a small glowing ember instead of a raging bonfire. Or perhaps you’ve heard the Holy Ghost described as a “still small voice” (see Doctrine and Covenants 85:6 ). And you immediately thought: “But I haven’t HEARD a voice. Is something wrong with me?”

How do you know that the Holy Spirit is talking to you? We do this by spending time reading God’s Word and communing with Him through prayer. During our times of communion with the Lord, we will rarely hear an audible voice when the Holy Spirit “speaks” to us. What we will sense is a strong leading to do something.— Further Readings : How To Tap Into Psychic Ability
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