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George T. Bertolacci

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How old was Violet Whaley when she died? Suffering from melancholy, Violet committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest with Thomas’s 32-calibre on August 19, 1885. She was then 22 years of age. How many children did Thomas Whaley have? By 1858, Thomas and Anna Whaley had produced three children: Francis Hinton (named for a business partner), Thomas (who died at just 18 months of age), and Anna Amelia. Later in life, the Whaleys welcomed three more children: George Hays Ringgold (named for a business partner), Violet Eloise, and Corinne Lillian.

Where is Thomas Whaley buried?

Whaley died in Old Town San Diego 1890. His wife Anna died February 24, 1913. They are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery . According to the Travel Channel’s “America’s Most Haunted” TV show, the house was featured as the number one most haunted house in the United States. See also[ edit ] References[ edit ] External links and further reading[ edit ]

What does Whaley mean? Whaley most likely comes from the Celtic word Whallis, meaning water. A tributary of the River Poulter runs through the village, and there are a number of local springs.

Where is Moses Fleetwood Walker buried?

In 1920 Ednah Walker passed away, and in 1922 Mr. Walker sold the opera house and moved to Cleveland, where he lived until his death on May 11, 1924. Moses Fleetwood Walker is buried in Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio. Sources: This information is adapted from the Harrison County, Ohio, History/Heritage Page . See also: Moses Walker via the Baseball Hall of Fame . The image shown above is courtesy of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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