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Nunnery Logan Utah

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What happened at the nunnery in Logan Utah?

The 1997 Horror According to a story in the Herald Journal, in October 1997, about 30 teenagers were ambushed, shot at, handcuffed, tied together by their necks and threatened with their lives by three men who claimed to be security guards at the area formerly known as St. Anne’s Retreat, in Logan Canyon.

Groups of teenagers in separate increments went to the old nunnery that night, and as each group arrived the three men surrounded them with guns, tied them up and forced them into the empty swimming pool that resides on the property, according to the Herald Journal. The hostages were strapped together by ropes around their necks which the guards told them were linked to explosives and would, “blow their heads off,” if they tried to get free, according to the Herald Journal.

Where is the Nunnery in Logan Canyon?

Known by various names, including Hatch’s Camp, Forest Hills, Pine Glenn, St. Anne’s Retreat, and the Nunnery, this historic site is about 6 miles up Logan Canyon in the middle of the Cache National Forest. This former summer camp has been listed on top haunted lists of the US.

Where is St Anne’s Retreat in Utah?

United States historic place Pine Glenn Cove is a private vacation retreat, also known by various other names, including Hatch’s Camp, Forest Hills, and St. Anne’s Retreat. The property is located in Logan Canyon , Utah . Pine Glenn Cove is the largest private retreat in Cache National Forest and Logan Canyon, and the only one with a swimming pool . It has a long, rich history. Started by a wealthy businessman in the early 1910s, it was later expanded by his descendants.

It was most famously owned by the Catholic Church in the later half of the 20th century and used as a spiritual retreat for nuns.

Who was Ephraim Logan?

It is clear that the Logan River had been named before the arrival of Mormon pioneers in the 1850s. The first written account suggesting the river was named for an early trapper was in Origins of Utah Place Names: “It [Logan] derived its name from Logan’s Fort, which in turn received its name from the river near which it was built.

The river is said to have been named for Ephraim Logan, early trapper, who explored this region in the 1820’s.” 9 Most historians are in agreement that the river was named for Ephraim Logan, an early fur trapper in the northern Utah area. Dale L. Morgan, a historian of the fur trapper era, provides the following history of Ephraim Logan noting that he traveled with:

Where is the haunted nun place in Utah?

Ghost Adventures: St. Anne’s Retreat The Ghost Adventures crew investigates St. Anne’s Retreat, where in 1997 a group of teenagers, drawn to the property for its legends of dead nuns and hellhounds, were held hostage and terrorized by three armed security guards.

What is the history of St Anne’s Retreat?

Pine Glenn Cove, also known as Hatch’s Camp, St. Ann’s Retreat (or St. Anne’s Retreat, as it is reference in most legends and some scholarly articles), and “The Nunnery,” was initially a summer home belonging to the Boyd Hatch family from New York, and Mrs. Hortense Odlum. The property was donated in the 1950s to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, and it was used occasionally as a retreat and a vacation place for Sisters of the Holy Cross.

Because it was not in continuous use, there was ample opportunity for vandals to visit, even on nights when the sisters were present. This prompted the nuns to get watch dogs to alert them to the presence of intruders. The sisters felt unsafe with the increase of the sometimes intoxicated young trespassers and vandals, and stopped coming to the retreat.

What is the most famous ghost town in Utah? Some say that Grafton is the most photographed ghost town in the West. It was even one of the filming locations for parts of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” among other Hollywood movies.

How long does it take to walk through asylum 49?


Scare Factor:
Fun Factor:
Haunt Value:
Length of Event: 31-45 minutes
Time Visited: 5PM – 9PM
Would Recommend: Yes
Suitable For Kids: No

Posted October 2023 Was this review helpful? YES NO 1 out of 1 found this review helpful awsome!! last year i went through the walk through with all the lights on and no scars to see what it was like and it was so awesome there are some really cool props i want to go this year and go through it with scares and lights off How scary is asylum 49? Guests to Asylum 49 report orbs, mists, and even the unsettling feeling of being watched. While this could just be part of the haunt, staff of Asylum 49 maintain that the hauntings are very real, and completely separate from the manufactured ones. What city is Logan Canyon in? The western terminus is at Logan in Cache County and the eastern terminus is at Garden City in Rich County.

What is special about Saint Anne?

. Now that is a very revelatory, empowering, and revolutionary key takeaway. Saint Anne is a testament to the divine and unique role of women, specifically as wives and mothers. She was no ordinary woman; by virtue of being faithful, she became extraordinary. Saint Anne is now known and celebrated as the patron saint of grandparents, mothers, married couples, and the infertile. Let us pray to her for guidance in pursuing spiritual and earthly motherhood!

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